Allegedly Not Insane Woman Names Her Newborn “Climate Change”

A Waterton mother seeking Instagram fame in the post-Insta-like-display era has today taken the desperate step of naming her newborn son “Climate Change”. 

Tiffany Ack-Tivist (28) has been chasing Instagram fame for several years and says the recent decision by Instagram to remove the number of likes a post attracts has “ruined” her life. 

“Basically they’ve forced me into this position” she said. 

“All the mums on the ‘Baby Names” Facebook group come up with such amazing names and it makes me feel sad. And they get so many likes.” she added. 

“I mean I’m competing with names like Rainforest, Skyrain and Greenleaves, what else am I supposed to do?!” she fretted. 

Tiffany went on to explain that she had already set up a website and social media accounts for little Climate and was waiting for Google to approve her AdSense account. 

“Any day now” she said while rocking back and forth in a semi-catatonic state.