Elon Musk Offers To Fire Kardashians Off Into Space

Evil Genius Elon Musk has sparked genuine public interest overnight after offering to use his next Space-X mission to fire the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan off into space somewhere. 

In a clear demonstration of how aware he is of public sentiment on the topic, Musk spontaneously tweeted last night that he would be “more than happy to fire the whole lot of them out beyond the solar system”. 

‘We reckon we can blast them out past Pluto within a year or so of launch” he added, in what sounds like a fucken fantastic plan to be honest. 

He went on to explain that once the reality stars and former man/olympic champion have taken in the sights of Pluto, and are well out of Instagram range of Earth, they’ll have around 60,000 years to contemplate what they’ve done to our civilization before they get to the next solar system. 

This reporter understands Kanye will be included in the deal. 

More to come.