Waterton Pensioner Comes Up With Quite The Conspiracy Theory

A Waterton family is a bit concerned about the state of their dear old Nan tonight after she spent all day ranting on about “the real cause” of the Queensland and NSW droughts. 

According to Nan, there is actually plenty of water, it’s just it’s all being syphoned away by “The Vegans” to supply giant almond farms for Brunswick cafes, she reckons. 

“It’s a bloody conspiracy, dear” she told her grandson Michael. 

“These bloody vegans are not only taking the piss, now they’re taking the water too!”. 

When Michael asked Nan where she learned about this scandalous situation, she initially looked pretty confused and said “yes dear” before adding that Alan Jones is her favourite talkback host and he shouldn’t cry on radio because that’s not what men do.

Nan then headed off for a nap.  

More to come.