“Nothing To See Here” Says Spark Sport

With thousands of paid up customers trying to watch the rugby on Spark Sport tonight, many have been left wondering if Spark are actually deliberately offering a slideshow service rather than the more mainstream streaming service most people expect. 

Spark Sport Head of Customer Experience Gianni Incompetenzio said “All looks good from our end” when this reporter asked him about the thousands of people bagging the service on social media. 

“It’s working for us, which is the main thing really” he added. 

One English fan took to the Spark Sport Facebook page to point out rather cleverly that Spark “should rename it a bloody ‘slideshow’ service, since all we get is a new still picture of what’s going on every minute or so. Bloody useless yeah”. 

Despite the obvious issues, Mr Incompetenzio is adamant he’s doing his job. 

“Maybe they need to tell everyone in their house to get off the WiFi” he offered.