Formerly Self-Sufficient Waterton Cat Fuming After Owners Put Bell On Collar

A Waterton cat who used to be master of his domain is pretty pissed off after discovering that his food providers covertly added a bell to his collar while he was sleeping this afternoon. 

Mr Squiggles, who used to roam around the neighbourhood ‘harassing’ the local mice and birds is absolutely livid that he now has to apparently survive on the rubbish cat biscuits and prime mince his food providers dish out every day. 

This reporter caught up with Mr Squiggles, because you can hear him coming from a mile away these days. 

“They’ve made it next to impossible for me to enjoy a midnight snack” he meowed. 

“I used to rule this neighbourhood with an iron paw and now even the dirty alley cats laugh at me as I jingle around the place” he seethed. 

“And don’t even get me started on the bloody dogs” he added before jingling off into the night.