Important Detail Ruins Tinder Date

Things didn’t go well for a might-have-been-couple yesterday after both failed to mention their slightly unusual height characteristics before the first date. 

Hannah Hightower (22) and Paul Littlefoot (24) were both pretty keen to be finally meeting after exchanging cheesy compliments and innuendo having matched on Tinder several weeks earlier. 

Unfortunately, it became clear as soon as they locked eyes on each other at local Waterton eatery The Cheeky Weasel that neither had mentioned to the other that they were potentially a little bit outside the normal height range for your average person. While this wouldn’t normally be a major problem, Small Man Syndrome sufferer Mr Littlefoot was fairly pissed off about the situation. 

“It’s hard enough living as a “vertically challenged man” without this kind of crap to stress me out even more” the hobbit-man told this reporter after the date, in what seemed like an unnecessarily angry rant. 

“I mean who waits until the actual date to reveal that they’re gigantor?!” he added, referring to Hannah’s 6’9” (205cm) frame. 

Hannah later tweeted “Just my luck. Of course he didn’t mention he was an Ewok did he?! #tinderfail #hobbiton