Hannebery’s Sister’s Patio Tile Says “WTF?!” After Copping Blame For Him Not Turning Up Again

Having spent most of last year promising a lot but sitting in the stands, Dan Hannebery has once again had a good crack at only having to play the second half of the season after apparently getting into a bit of a scuffle with a patio tile at his sister’s house. 

This reporter completely speculates that Dan was maybe a little bit worse for wear when his attempt to make his way to the spa was met with some resistance by a particularly rough looking patio tile. 

According to Dan, the patio tile went full Gandalf and refused to let him pass. 

“That tile was being a real dickhead. I just wanted to get in the spa” he said. 

This reporter spoke to the alleged culprit at the scene. 

“I’m a tile for christ’s sake” said Mr Tile. 

“It’s not my fault he thought the spa was a footy”.