Waterton Man Comes Up With Really Bad Idea After Only Watching First Half Of Pet Sematary

A Waterton man is licking his wounds tonight after deciding for some reason it was a good idea to bury his recently deceased cat in the old Indian burial ground that just happens to be up the hill behind his house.

Darryl Noteworthy (44) told this reporter he got the idea after watching the first half an hour of the remake of Pet Sematary.

“I saw what Lou did when his cat died, and it seemed to work a treat” he explained.

“So I thought I’d try the same thing with Mr Squiggles.”

Unfortunately if Darryl had bothered to think about his plan for a few more minutes he might have noticed that the cat in Pet Sematary is kind of, different.

Mr Squiggles was certainly a bit different, dishing out a few well placed scratches to the face before smashing through a first floor window and disappearing into the night.

“I probably should have watched a bit more of the movie” said Darryl.