Waterton Man Confused By Mum’s Constant Yelling Texts

Confused scenes in a Waterton home this morning after his mum’s choice to finally upgrade her 15 year old phone resulted in him being inadvertently yelled at by her in a series of anonymous, incoherent and fairly terrifying messages.

Warren Kind (42) was enduring yet another “scandal-ridden” episode of The Bachelor when his phone started going absolutely nuts.

“HELWAR” said the first message.



Warren’s reply of “who is this?” was met with more chaos.


Before he had a chance to freak out any more, the phone rang and he managed to convince himself somehow to be brave enough to answer it.

Having now established that it wasn’t some psychopath declaring war on him, Warren spent the next four hours trying to talk his mum through how to use the caps lock and space bar.