Winston Peters Labels Jacinda Ardern An “Independent” Ahead Of 2020 Election Flogging

With surprise polls this week showing Kiwis have apparently had about fucken enough of being told what to do all day by Supreme Leader Ardern and her Council of Virtue Signalry, NZ First Leader and alleged Deputy PM Winston Peters has distanced himself from the impending carnage of next year’s election by labelling Jacinda and the entire Labour Party as “Independents”.

“Look, we all saw how she threw (outgoing Wellington Mayor) Justin Lester under the bus within minutes of him losing his throne. I thought that was quite effective really. So that’s what I’ll do when they all get demolished next year.” he explained.

“Frankly I’m looking forward to not having to deal with her shit anymore too.”

This reporter understands Winston is already smarming around National Leader Soimon Bridges in an apparent attempt to get the Deputy PM gig again.

More to come.