Dutto Goes On Beer-Fuelled Anti-China Rant, Immediately Regrets It

Head of Border Protection and keen One Nation supporter Peter Dutton has today crawled back into his box after a few too many beers while watching the Bathurst qualifying on Friday resulted in him going on a rant about our Chinese overlords.

Apparently not paying much attention to the dim view the Chinese regime has for people that say factual things about stuff, Dutto decided for some reason it was a good idea to point out a few of the more juicy things that China does that would normally result in America invading them to dish out “freedom and democracy” if they were any other country, or had oil.

Like most beer-fuelled rants, it didn’t go well for Dutto.

This reporter understands that China has responded with a threat to surround the entire country with man-made airforce base islands, in a continuatoon of its Command & Conquer style world domination tactic.

Good times.