“How Good Is Scotty Mac” Says ScoMo After Bathurst Victory

With Scotty McLaughlin claiming victory in an absolute stunner at Bathurst today, Current Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has posed the obvious rhetorical question. 

“How good is Scotty Mac” he posed. 

This reporter has discovered that he’s apparently pretty good. 

However, the win has attracted the attention of Peter “Build A Wall” Dutton, who is apparently now asking his people to investigate Scotty’s past to see if he’s deportable. 

The Waterton Chronicle spoke to one of Dutto’s minions, who said the issue is to do with Scotty “not being from around here”. 

“Dutto has told us to investigate his entire life and see if we can dig any dirt that might help us stop all these Kiwis beating us all the time.” 

More to come.