F1 Teams To Swap Cars For Kayaks For Japanese Grand Prix

With Typhoon Unpronounceable fast approaching Japan and threatening to destroy the hopes and dreams of a few delusional Rugby World Cup fans, oh and flatten homes and demolish infrastructure, the governing body of Formula One has announced that Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka will go ahead, albeit with quite the twist. 

With the inconsiderate storm system set to turn the legendary Suzuka circuit into the venue for next years Olympics K1 Kayaking event, F1 officials have taken the unprecedented step of cancelling tomorrow’s qualifying session to allow teams a day to develop state-of-the-art but impossible to pass kayaks to tackle the impending water feature. 

Current championship leader and aspiring fashionista and rapper Lewis Hamilton said he was looking forward to Ferrari gifting him and his team-mate yet another win by inexplicably not being able to sort out a decent race strategy.