Cat Goes On Hunger Strike After Owner Tries To Feed Him Aldi ”Rubbish”

There’s a slightly hungry cat in a Waterton home tonight after local fusspot Mr Wordsworth decided he was having none of that crap his food provider bought on special today.

“What the fuck is this?” Mr Wordsworth thought to himself as he watched his food provider crack out the pretend actual brand and pour it into his bowl as if nothing was wrong. 

“Where’s my Purina One you savage” he thought to himself. 

In an apparent attempt to communicate his disapproval to his food provider, Mr Wordsworth gave his food bowl a whack before disappearing upstairs to protest the situation from beneath the covers of his bed that he shares with his food providers. 

“MEEOWW!!” he said angrily when his owners tried to get him to eat. 

“I’m literally not eating until they give me something worth eating” he thought to himself. 

More to come.