Waterton Man Surprised To Learn Those “Instant Cash For Your Car” Dealers Are A Bit Tight

Callum McTavish (21) has found out the hard way today that selling your car to a bunch of washed up ex-used car salesmen who offer to buy it, and pick it up, after you send a couple of pictures is not the best way to avoid getting absolutely fucked over. 

The young Waterton battler was just trying to sell the 2015 Toyota Camry RZ “Nurburgring Edition” his Gran gave him when she couldn’t drive anymore, when he stumbled across an ad on Facebook for some slick-looking outfit claiming to “take the hassle out of selling your car”. 

Long story short, at the “buyers meeting point”, he ended up getting well and truly hustled by a group of three to four giant gangster-looking dudes into handing over his Gran’s car for a pack of JPS Blues and three cans of JD and Coke. 

“Yeah, we don’t fuck around” said the apparent head honcho. “We’re here to make money, not friends” he added. 

This reporter ran away.