Tradie Surprises Everyone By Turning Up Early

A Waterton man got a pleasant surprise this morning as a tradie turned up five minutes before he said he would. 

Bryce Gett-Roundtoit had expected the plumbers assurance that he’d be there “between 10am and 4pm” to manifest itself as somewhere closer to 6pm, when at 9.54am he was startled by a knock on the door. 

“Yeah it was pretty surprising, I took the whole day off work and he was gone by 10.30am” said Bryce. 

Local Waterton plumber Kevin Pipecleaner said he didn’t mean to turn up early and felt a bit bad for setting the bar a bit high for the whole industry. 

“Look, truth be told I got the jobs mixed up. I thought I was two hours late” he explained. 

More to come.