Cheika Goes All In On Russia To Win Rugby World Cup

Apparently not done with blaming everyone except himself and the players he coaches, Wallabies coach Michael Cheika has today decided for some reason that Russia will win the Rugby World Cup. 

Despite Russia being 21 points down just after half-time, Cheika has assured himself and the few remaining Rugby Union supporters still alive in Australia that he has all the answers and allegedly knows what he’s doing. 

“Yeah, look, if Ireland beat Russia by 50 points, maybe they’d be a chance. But at this rate they’re not even going to put 40 on them. And Russia is a man down!” he ranted. 

“So based on that, and not much else to be honest, I think Russia is a huge chance to win the whole thing”. 

“They’ll probably face those Fiji Powerhouses” he added. 

When this reporter asked him if he was maybe a little delusional, he seemed confused and asked “What is de-usuanal?” 

More to come.