Waterton Man Contemplates Throwing TV Out Window To Avoid The Masked Singer

Desperate scenes in a Waterton home tonight as a dad can literally feel his brain dissolving inside his head due to being forced to watch The Masked Singer. 

Michael Dill-Drinkwater (38) took to his Facebook page in a desperate plea for help tonight after his wife and two daughters told him to “get over it” when he suggested the show is absolute shit. 

“Please send help. My brain is melting having to watch this shit” he posted on Facebook. So far he’s not getting much sympathy from his mates though. 

“Hahaha” said his best mate Simon. 

“Oh come on Michael, at least the kids are entertained” said his mother. To which Michael replied “Mum, they’ll be more entertained when I chuck the bloody TV out the window”. 

His sister Michaela then really stuck the boot in by pointing out that the absolutely rubbish remake of Beverly Hills 90210 was next up on Channel 10’s neverending lineup of mind-numbing “content”. 

“Fucks sake” he added. 

More to come.