Michael Cheika Still Thinks Wallabies Are “The Team To Beat” After Going Down To Wales

Carnage in Tokyo tonight after what Michael Cheika thinks is “the greatest rugby team of all time”, following their unconvincing win over powerhouses Fiji last week, has today been beaten into submission by Wales. 

Phil Kearns, well-known for his completely unbiased commentary, was less than impressed by the referees’ attempts to stop Wallabies players throat punching defenders mid-tackle.

“It’s absolutely disgraceful that we’re getting picked on for so-called illegal tackles” he hissed. 

Cheika said after the match “Yeah look we tried from the first minute of the game to deploy the “Michael Hooper Special” and get one of them sent off, but it didn’t go to plan today. Playing against 15 men is just a bit much really”. 

 The supposedly good Wallabies face well-established powerhouses Uruguay next week.