Melbourne Storm Fan Laughed Out Of Sydney Pub After Mentioning AFL Grand Final

Unfortunately a dual Storm/Richmond fan made the fatal error of assuming NSW gives a fuck about AFL today. 

Warren Tossington (45), a keen Richmond supporter was having a few beers at an outer-Western suburbs pub while watching the Roosters v Storm semi final decked out in his replica 2008 season Storm jersey when, with Melbourne seemingly absolutely nowhere, he started copping a bit of banter from the locals. 

“Nice jersey ya got there sweetheart.” said the obvious banter expert sitting next to him. 

“Yeah, well, GWS did well in the Grand Final didn’t they champ?” Warren shot back. 

“What the fuck is GWS? Isn’t that some kinda netball position?” Warren’s new buddy chortled, getting a couple of laughs out of the geniuses sitting around him. 

Like some kind of anti-vaxxer preaching to a bunch of qualified scientists and doctors, Warren then tried to tell the Roosters fans, now gathered around him like they wanted to start some shit, not only what AFL is, but that their local team exists, and that they got reamed by Richmond today. 

Absolutely no one cared. 

More to come