Bored Cat Trolls Owner With Endless Loop Of “Inside, Outside” Meows

A Waterton cat owner is a bit over it all tonight after spending the last half an hour dealing with her idiot cat not making up it’s mind over whether it wanted to be inside or outside. 

After the 48th time letting Church out in the space of 15 minutes, Jazmin decided to attempt to dish out some tough love to the sneaky little furball. Having just sat back down in front of the TV, Church turned up at the door again with a demanding and rather passive-aggressive “meoww”. Absolutely sick of the level of piss-taking going on, Jazmin ignored Church’s pleas. 

Having absolutely none of this insolent behaviour, Church let out a more insistent “MEOWWWW” with a hiss at the end added for effect. 

Trying to convince herself that it is just a cat, and that she is entitled to at least five minutes peace, Jazmin weathered the storm of ever-intensifying meows for another ten minutes before finally caving to the by now absolutely livid feline waiting “patiently” to be let back in. 

Thankfully for everyone involved, Church decided not to escalate things even further with his belligerent food provider, and promptly disappeared upstairs without even a glance toward her. 

When this reporter asked Jazmin why she doesn’t just get a cat-door, she explained “We have three! Church refuses to use them. Apparently it’s beneath him”.

More to come.