Mustang Driver Tries Out Imaginary Autonomous Parking Mode

Just another day in the life of a Mustang driver today with a Waterton Heights woman finding herself parked in a slightly unconventional spot this morning. 

The drama unfolded after the slightly misguided driver, who describes herself as “you know, kind of a car fan, but not really” thought the notoriously safety-feature-packed Mustang would just park itself as soon as it got anywhere near a parking spot. 

Unfortunately for her, and the thousands of non-Mustang drivers just trying to turn up for work somewhat on time, this particular Mustang didn’t stray too far from the “I’m going to try my best to go off the road” approach it has become a little bit infamous for. 

Not content with parking like a normal person because that’s apparently too mainstream, the Mustang ended up perched comically halfway up a power pole. 

With no injuries, and the car not in too bad a shape considering it’s latest attempt to go into Low-Earth-Orbit, local towies put in a solid effort to kill off the devil car by ripping basically every panel off it on the way up the back of the flatbed truck dispatched to reign in the jittery steed. 

“Mate, it’s just better this way” said one towie as he ripped the rear axle out.