Waterton Man Pushes His Luck By Watching Third Rugby World Cup Game In A Row Today

Tensions are a bit higher than usual in a Waterton Springs home tonight after local journalist and rugby tragic Bryan Firebrand has commandeered the TV all afternoon, much to the annoyance of his for some reason extremely tolerant wife. 

Not content with watching Australia nearly lose to Rugby Powerhouses Fiji yesterday, before Michael Hooper deployed his game-winning “get one of them sent off” strategy, Bryan then gleefully sat through New Zealand’s demolition of Rugby minnows South Africa, before settling in this afternoon for what Wallabies coach Michael Cheika described as a “tournament defining clash” between Italy and Namibia. 

After being not-at-all surprised by the outcome of that one, Bryan moved on immediately to the Ireland v Scotland game, with his Scotland-supporting wife not overly keen with Bryan’s prediction that Ireland would as usual slaughter their cousins from the North. 

Bryan has as we go to press moved on to watch eternal battlers England take on what Michael Cheika describes as a “team of absolute powerhouses” Tonga. 

“Yeah look, I’m pretty sure Tonga are the one’s we’ll face in the final” said Cheika with an air of completely misguided optimism.