Warren Not Worried About Policies, Goes For Selfie Approach Instead

Some guy named Warren has today stormed into the Presidential race after embracing the millenial approach of “fuck it, let’s just take a selfie”. 

Faced with the literally impossible task of defeating President “where’s my favourite dictator” Trump in next year’s election, Warren has finally realised that the vast majority of Americans don’t even know how to spell “policy”, let alone what the word even means. 

Armed with a newfound sense of “fuck it all”, Wazza adopted the slightly less conventional campaign strategy of posing for selfies instead of outlining what she’d actually do if she was to luck out and somehow get around the obviously Gandalf-inspired “you shall not pass!” electoral college to become the first female President. 

When this reporter approached Wazza for comment, she absolutely unleashed. 

“What the actual?! Can’t you see I’m busy trying to convince these idiots I’m one of them?!” she queried as she smashed out another group selfie that will immediately disappear into the Kardashian-controlled abyss that is Instagram. 

More to come.