Dead Man Not Saying Much Despite Persistent Enquiries From Reporter

A wanted criminal who went full Grand Theft Auto style and unfortunately died while fleeing police over a non-functioning turn signal in Anaheim is today staying tight-lipped amid a barrage of so-called journalists keen to nail that ever-elusive exclusive interview. 

Apparently not put off by the less than alive status of their target, local TV news vultures are as we go to press heading into day two of camping outside the funeral home, for some reason thinking the dearly departed will at some point cave to the pressure of their presence and front the cameras for that once-in-a-lifetime story. 

Speaking from the scene outside the Resurrection Brothers Funeral Home, local WAKE News reporter Di Buzzard was frustrated by the corpse’s attempts to evade her. 

“Despite numerous attempts to contact the dead driver of the vehicle for comment, he remains uncooperative at this stage” she added with not a hint of irony. 

More to come.