Women, Everyone Relieved As Barnaby Apparently Gets The Snip

Women across Australia, and probably a few unknowns in New Zealand, are tonight a little bit freer from the burdens of child-rearing, and rampant population growth has apparently eased a little bit after the for some reason irresistible lothario that is Barnaby Joyce might have got the snip. 

According to well-known seeker of the truth Woman’s Day, the days of women becoming inexplicably impregnated by the legendary Casanova simply by being present in the same building as the current Australia’s Sexiest Man candidate are well and truly over. 

“Yeah, look, it’s really just a case of me wanting to stem the flow.” he explained. 

When pressed by this reporter around what that actually means, the cheeky loverat added with a snigger “you know, stem the flow of little Barnaby’s, hehe”. 

Upon being asked for his thoughts, Scomo said simply “How good is the snip!”. 

More to come…