MP Gladys Liu Takes Visiting Friends To Casino

Forgetful Friend of China and Australian MP Gladys Liu was today spotted taking a welcome break from being accused of being a communist with a cheeky punt at Crown Casino with some friends visiting from overseas. 

The embattled MP was spotted welcoming a tour bus outside the casino around 11am today, with a group of about 20 keenly following Gladys around the gaming floor as she pointed out the luckiest pokie machines to have a go on. 

Apparently a bit of a scuffle broke out within the group after Gladys explained that her all-time favourite machine was the Aztec Princess one over in the corner. Not wanting to miss out the opportunity to make themselves a bit of money for lunch, the entire group immediately made a dash for the apparently lucky machine. 

This reporter approached Gladys for comment regarding the group and the scuffle as they were heading back to the airport this afternoon. 

“Yeah, everybody was kung fu fighting.” she explained. “But it’s sort of understandable because that Aztec Princess machine is very lucky” she added helpfully. 

When asked whether anyone actually won any money, Gladys said “the simple answer is no.”

More to come.