Dad Mistakes BTS For Local Automotive Repair Franchise

A Waterton tween is today not letting her dad hear the end of it after he mistook K-Pop sensations and now trained killing machines BTS for some kind of new automotive servicing franchise. 

The hilarious scenes unfolded this morning as Waterton Station farmer Trevor Golightly (44) was having his cornflakes before heading out to sort out that broken fence in the top paddock he’s been meaning to fix for a few days now.  Just as he was finishing off his coffee and heading out to the shed, the so-far uneventful morning was flipped on its head by an absolute tornado of noise coming down the stairs. 

The tornado was his 12-year-old daughter Millie, who flew into the kitchen screaming “OMG OMG OMG!!”

Confused, and thinking maybe that snake he saw on the back lawn last night had made its way upstairs, Trevor asked in somewhat of a panic “what the hell is wrong Millie??!” 

Still not getting much more than “OMG” and “eeeee” out of Millie, Trevor snatched the phone out of the delirious girls hand to see what the hell she was going on about. Still not really any closer to figuring out what was happening, Trevor finally managed to coax an actual sentence out of Millie.

“BTS is back!! OMG OMG!” she squeaked. 

“Millie, are you insane? Are you really losing it over a bloody mechanic shop reopening? What is wrong with you?” he said, now a little annoyed that she’d caused a scene over a mechanic. 

As she processed what Trevor just said, Millie quickly snapped out of her hysteria and stared straight at him for a few seconds before bursting into tears of absolute joy and maniacal giggling at the thought of her silly dad apparently never having heard of the greatest Korean boy band to have ever existed. 

Trevor grumbled something about “kids these days” as he headed out the door.