Anti-Abortion Activists Accidentally Turn Up To Anti-Vaxxer Protest, Carnage Ensues

Dramatic scenes on Capitol Hill this morning after a bunch of unemployed thugs calling themselves “activists” got their dates mixed up and turned up to the wrong protest. 

The oversight had its origins in what’s been described as “human error” at the hands of some lowly secretary within the group, who, in what turned out to be a critical lack of attention to detail, got the dates for the upcoming anti-vaccination and anti-abortion protests around the wrong way. 

Thankfully the dates for the upcoming anti-cars, anti-trains, anti-men, anti-women, anti-farming, anti-starvation, anti-democracy and anti-fascism protests were not affected by the clerical error. 

Taking her seat in the public gallery just as the senate hearing was kicking off, seasoned whinger and apparently not very perceptive professional protester Ginny Rancid-Hough (23) seemingly failed to notice that the debate unfolding below her had absolutely nothing to do with abortion. 

Around the five-minute mark, and still completely oblivious to the fact that she had turned up to the wrong debate because pure rage rendered her completely incapable of taking in her surroundings, Ms Rancid-Hough executed Operation: Rancid Justice. 

Taking a cup of menstrual discharge she had for some reason (possibly insanity) prepared earlier, and in scenes reminiscent of the 1976 movie adaptation of the Stephen King novel “Carrie”, the soon-to-be meme sensation let out a shriek as she hurled the pungent brew over the guard-rail, landing with a satisfying thud all over the notes of some democratically-elected public servant just as he was finishing his explanation of why smallpox isn’t a thing these days. 

More to come.