Cats Thwart Dirty Facebook Scammers

Justice has prevailed in a Waterton home tonight after a dirty stray with nothing better to do temporarily took over a beloved Cat page, before the cunning little felines fought back. 

The drama unfolded this morning when Chief Cat awoke from her slumber to find that the page on which she had been working tirelessly for years had been stolen in the blink in the eye by some dirty bin-chicken cats down the road. 

Not content with having their daily fix of hilarity and general cat worshipping taken away from them that easily, the Cat Army assembled to storm the dirty scammer cats’ compound and take back control of their beloved page. 

In a somewhat protracted battle, and with the alley absolutely pulsing with the sounds of trash cans tumbling over and cats threatening to escalate to actual scratching, the Waterton Chronicle is pleased to report that the Cat Army united to defeat the dirty ferals and order is restored. 

Speaking from the scene in a slightly dishevelled but generally jubilant state, Chief Cat said “Meowwww!”. 

More to come.