Australian MP Hides In Local Nando’s After Stating A Fact About China

In yet another clear sign that we have absolutely nothing to fear from our authoritarian friends in China, newly minted Federal MP Gladys Liu has gone into hiding after meekly suggesting that self-appointed dictator-for-life Xi Jinping might be “a little bit dictatey”. 

The drama unfolded last night when Gladys appeared in a Sky News interview with well-known raging leftie Andrew Bolt, who spent a good ten minutes trying to get the frightened public servant to say something, anything, slightly negative about the Chinese version of Supreme Leader Jacinda Ardern..

Bolt highlighted all the fantastic infrastructure projects the Chinese government has undertaken over the last few years, including filling up the South China Sea with military bases, filling up the Chinese mainland with “re-education” camps for people that annoy the government, and filling up Sydney and Melbourne with brand new but for some reason still “doer-upper opportunity” apartment buildings and townhouses. 

Not quite skewering herself enough on the show last night, Gladys met up with this reporter at the typically empty Nando’s this morning, apparently one of the few places the Chinese government’s “Re-education Squad” won’t think to look for her. 

“I thought I did a pretty good job of weaseling out of Mr Bolt’s questions, but I kind of want to stay in Parliament for the good of the Chinese Communi-… I mean for the good of the Australian people, so I will admit that some might see our exalted leader, I mean President Xi Jinping as a little bit dictatey I guess.” she said. 

More to come.  

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