Waterton Cat Introduces New Dead Bird Friend To Owner

A particularly thoughtful Waterton cat has today surprised his owner by bringing her a dead bird he made friends with in the backyard. 

The generous and somewhat fragrant gift was presented to owner Jazmin this afternoon as she returned from work. 

“Meow” said Church meekly as he gently pushed the mangled corpse across the kitchen floor towards Jazmin. Unfortunately Jazmin was a little preoccupied with trying to figure out what she can face cooking for dinner tonight. 

Not happy with his efforts going unnoticed, Church watched as Jazmin headed for the couch to unwind, and saw his opportunity. Just as Jazmin was about to demolish the first glass of red for the evening, Church let out one of those guttural meows that is normally reserved for when he’s having a Mexican standoff with the neighbours cat on the street at 4am, before leaping up onto Jazmin’s lap. 

With a shriek Jazmin launched herself off the couch, and Church, the bird corpse and the glass of red went flying across the room, with the dead bird and the red wine now spread all over the carpet combining to make the normally pretty tidy room resemble something of a crime scene. 

“Well that worked. I think she really likes my gift. I’ll find something even better for tomorrow” Church thought to himself as he pranced around surveying his achievements. 

More to come.