UK Government Completely Gives Up, Goes On European Holiday

Just when it looked like Boris might have turned the whole Brexit debacle from “Completely FUBAR” to just “Really Bad”, things are once again resembling a fight between a group of six-year-olds who all want a go on the Xbox at the same time. 

Still hoping it’s all just a bad dream more than two years on from the day the entire nation royally screwed itself by apparently all getting on the booze just before voting on whether or not to stay in the EU, the massive hangover that resulted from what at the time seemed like a bit of a laugh will surely not subside any time soon. 

With the EU Parliament collectively channeling parents of naughty teenagers everywhere, sniggering gleefully at the absolute mess their British rebel child finds themselves in, the British Parliament has done what any embarrassed but too proud teen does in these situations, and has decided to run away. 

Not willing to compromise even a tiny little bit, and even seriously contemplating having another public vote on the issue to see if they can get the outcome that suits them this time, the entire legislature has for some reason opted instead to just give up and go sit on the beach in St Tropez for a month, in the hope that maybe the whole messy scene will kind of just sort itself out. 

“Well, at this rate it could well be the last time us Brits are even allowed in Europe for a while. Gosh, I might just stay over there to be honest. Cheerio.” said Boris as he boarded the ferry at Dover. 

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