Waterton Teen’s Life “Over” After Mum Slides Into Instagram Comments

There are dramatic scenes unfolding in a Waterton Lakes house this afternoon after a mum who thought she was being hilarious inadvertently ruined her daughters life. 

Tilly Masterson (14), a budding Instagram influencer,  was ten minutes into a live stream with a personal best audience reach soaring past 10 people covering topics including who’s got the best Little Shop 2 collection and how to get TikTok followers, when her life changed forever. 

Mum Libby was downstairs watching episode 321 of Gilmore Girls for the fourth time today and Facebook stalking people she went to school with when she accidentally tapped her Instagram app. 

What happened next will have wide-ranging consequences for young Tilly. 

Diving into Tilly’s live stream just as she was having a whinge about how annoying her sister Jasmine is, Libby came up with a brilliantly parentish way to include herself in Tilly’s social circle while simultaneously doing her best to troll her first-born, as is the ancient right of parents everywhere. 

“Hi Tilly” she said in the young social butterly’s comments. 

Noticing that her friends were all now dropping ‘crying-laughing emojis’ in the comments when ‘loveheart-eyes’ would have been more appropriate it took Tilly a few seconds to figure out what was going on. 

“Mummmmm!” she screamed in horror as it dawned on her that there was an intruder in her stream.

“OMG Mum what are you doing?!” she squealed as the realisation that her mother’s two-word trojan horse had single-handedly destroyed her life for at least the next 48 hours. 

Libby braced for impact with a chuckle to herself as the stream abruptly ended and Tilly came flying out of her bedroom in what this reporter understands was a state of pure comedic rage.

More to come. 

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