Unemployed Rabble Completely Solves Climate Change In One Afternoon By Standing On Road And Yelling.

Great news coming out of Melbourne today as we learn that a horde of unemployed mouth breathers have managed to completely save the world from certain doom simply by  standing around in the middle of a city street yelling at passers by. 

The group of climate change activists completely ignored the public flogging dished out to their vegan cousins earlier this year and decided that blocking traffic and ruining everyone’s Friday afternoon was definitely the best way to fix the planet. 

One of our Australian correspondents headed down to the scene this afternoon and was immediately confronted by one of the more “vocal” among the horde. 

“Get out of here you corporate shill!” he screamed at our reporter for some reason. 

Another slightly less mentally deficient activist was more forthcoming and explained to our reporter that people should stop complaining about not being able to get home from work today because her and her comrades couple of hours of yelling in the street has definitely sorted out the whole climate change thing. 

“Yeah well those people won’t be complaining when they wake up tomorrow and the entire world isn’t on fire because we did something about it. We yelled and screamed at everyone and it worked” she hissed. 

Our brave reporter then asked the activist, who wished to remain anonymous despite apparently lapping up all the attention, what exactly standing around blocking traffic and yelling obscenities at random passers by was achieving in the war against climate change.

“Well…. Um. Look climate change is real. Um. Nah look you need to leave me alone now. I’m here to save the planet, not to talk to silly reporters who clearly don’t have anything better to do”. 

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