SA Tourism Ad Invites Old People To Come To Adelaide To End The Misery

In what’s been described by some as a blatant attempt to coax franking credits and decades of superannuation from old people before they kick the bucket, South Australia has today launched a tourism campaign that feels more like a Stephen King movie adaptation than a tourism campaign. 

The ad, which the Waterton Chronicle understands is the first in a series of cleverly depressing attempts to get old vulnerable people wandering the streets of an unfamiliar town by themselves, depicts old mate Dave accidentally ending up drinking his sorrows away at a Barossa Valley winery after getting on the wrong bus. 

Having demolished a few bottles of Jacob’s Creeks finest, Dave has a crack at going for a dive off Glenelg Wharf after obviously hitchhiking back into town. 

It then moves to a scene showing Dave wandering aimlessly around on the roof of the Adelaide Oval after getting confused about where his hotel is. 

Episode 1 in the series that has been affectionately named “Why not go out with a bang” concludes with a shot of Dave bawling his eyes out at just how depressing his day has been, and longing for someone to take him back to his Frankston retirement home. 

It is understood that Episode 2 in the series will deal with Dave sampling the delights of an eco-friendly burial in an upcycled wine barrel, in keeping with Adelaide burial traditions. 

More to come.