Jeff Horn Rethinks Fight Prep Choices After Dominos And Coke Approach Fails For Some Reason

Confusion all round in the Horn camp today as they try to figure out why their revolutionary pre-fight diet and training approach didn’t work. In the days leading up to the Bendigo fight, Horn released a video montage depicting what he described as his “innovative and fucking tasty way to prepare for my next haul of dollar bills”. 

In the montage, which has since been deleted following his absolute pummelling and trip to Disneyland in the ninth round, Horn was shown demolishing at least four different kinds of Dominos pizzas, although not the seafood ones because they’re gross. He then proceeded to wash down the well-known health food with 8 litres of Coke. The liquid kind, not the powder. 

When asked to shed some light on what prompted the fucking idiotic plan, Horn revealed that he got the idea from another former professional boxer. 

“Yeah I was watching some of David Tua’s old stuff the other day. He said in one of them he was going to Burger King. I’m not a big fan of burgers but I really liked the idea of having an excuse to as much absolutely shithouse food so I went with pizza instead.” he said with not a hint of irony. 

When it was pointed out to Horn that David Tua made that comment after knocking out Shane Cameron one minute into a fight he had been training, and eating properly, for over the previous two years, Horn looked a bit confused. 

“Nah, he definitely used the burgers and fizzy diet” he said unconvincingly. 

When this reporter told him he was completely wrong and showed him a Youtube video of Tua’s BK comment, Horn immediately looked dejected. 

“Fuck it” he muttered before slinking away.