Greens At It Again, Had Enough Of Mancaves And Footy.

Following the one day of the year where the attention is somewhat directed towards all the dads out there, the Greens have well and truly had enough of the spotlight being temporarily shifted away from them.

This morning Comrade Genter has announced that with immediate effect anything that your average man is into, like mancaves, UFC, footy, and pork ribs, are to be outlawed with immediate effect. 

The announcement comes following an earlier crackdown last week on adults wanting to stay up past their bedtime to watch the upcoming Rugby World Cup. 

Speaking from the sprawling Karl Marx Institute for Equality of Outcomes compound in a remote Coromandel valley, Genter explained that a working group established at her local Coffee Group had determined that men should find something more productive to do with their spare time. 

“What we found was that men sitting around watching sports, eating meat and talking about their latest gadget purchase is not conducive to an equal society. We’d prefer if this time was spent being quiet and looking at us adoringly while we binge The Handmaid’s Tale”. 

When this reporter asked how she managed to get the support of Parliament for her dystopian plans, Genter laughed and said “Oh you sweet young thing. Why it’s simple. If they say no I’ll just throw a tantrum and threaten to bring down the government. We’re also planning a nationwide sit-in of Bunnings Warehouses to protest the outrageous quantity of man-related products they peddle”. 

More to come.