Doggo Looking For Drama Renders Owner A Nervous Wreck

Things are tense in a Waterton home today after an over-zealous pet dog’s efforts to protect it’s realm have become a  bit much for the owner. 

Local man Timothy Tucker-Tomlinson (32) has taken to a Facebook dog owners group to tell the harrowing story of how his pet chihuahua Patrick just won’t shut up. 

“It’s just constant. I’ve had enough. He completely loses it over the tiniest things. Even the fridge turning on sends him into a complete death rage where he tries to bite the handle off. And jesus christ, you should see him on rubbish day when the truck picks up our bin”. 

He went on to explain that he spends his days in a state of absolute panic, anxiously awaiting Patrick’s next meltdown. 

“I wouldn’t mind if he was just protecting me from the normal stuff that dogs get worked up about, like home invaders, mice, that sort of thing. But I’m pretty sure normal dogs don’t lose the plot over a bird sitting in a park 300 metres from the house” he added. 

At time of press the Waterton Chronicle understands that Tim is currently cowering in his bathroom with Patrick trying to break the door down after a neighbour opened their garage door.