Online Gamer Loses It After Being Punted Off For The 14th Race In A Row

Drama in a Waterton lounge tonight after a budding e-sports champion lost his cool. 19 year-old Devon Hampstead-Smith was halfway through the 14th 5 lap “marathon” of the evening on F1 2019, fighting for 12th place at the Belgian GP in a league apparently designed more for 15 year old GTA5 players than actual racing fans, when he was once again punted off into the wall by some dickhead practising his PITT manoeuvres. 

In a display of pure rage, and stunning accuracy that suggested he may be more suited to a tilt at becoming a professional darts player, Devon proceeded to throw his limited edition Fortnite Xbox controller squarely through the middle of his parents’ TV. An act which clearly didn’t help his chances of achieving online glory in the future. 

When this reporter stalked Devon on Xbox Live Messenger, and asked for his thoughts on the incident he said “Dude they’re ruining my life plan to become an e-sports champion. It sucks and I wish they’d all just go away so I can win”. 

He went on to explain that “As soon as the replacement TV the old man ordered turns up, I’m going back in and I’m going to fucking punt everyone off just to ruin their day”. 

When this reporter asked if maybe that’s just making the problem worse, Devon replied with “Well maybe. But fuck it”. 

More to come.