Entire Nation Asks If They Can Stay Up Past Bedtime. Greens Say “No, Go The Fuck To Sleep”

In what surely must go down as the most nanny state thing of all nanny states, our Green Party overlords have decided that we haven’t been good enough to deserve a late bedtime arrangement during the Rugby World Cup. 

The argument kicked off with good intentions, way back when we somehow made it to the Cricket World Cup final. At the time the suggestion that a bunch of adults might want to go to a pub and watch the cricket was hit out of the park by “local council regulations” and “time constraints”. 

Interestingly, there appears to have been enough time since then for the Green Party to come up with a list of arguments as to why we’re not allowed up past bedtime for the upcoming Rugby World Cup. 

When this reporter asked Green Party Minister and woman behind the curtain Julie Anne Genter for her comments, she turned away briefly, before turning her gaze back towards the gathered crowd. At which point she unleashed a “don’t argue” hiss the likes of which you have definitely not seen or heard. 

This reporter ran away.