Waterton Man High Fives Mates After Sending Supreme Leader Jacinda Ardern Dick Pic

Spirits are high in a Waterton apartment tonight after a local unemployed man sent a dick pic to Supreme Leader Ardern. 

Allegedly loveable larrikin Chad Drinkwater (23) is currently the talk of his apartment after having a few too many Cody’s and for some reason thinking it was a good idea to send a picture of his junk to a sitting Prime Minister. 

“Mate, look what I just did” Chad said as he showed his mate Damo his handiwork. 

“Oh fuckin rad mate! Damo added. 

“Mate I’m gonna be famous! Imagine how many followers I’ll have tomorrow!” added the budding social media influencer. 

As the group of four were about halfway through high-fiving each other, and all the way through a box of Cody’s, a knock on the door brought their short-lived glory crashing down. 

At time of press a 23 year old man is currently assisting Waterton Police with their investigations. 

More to come.