Waterton Goat Farm Raid Doesn’t Go Well For Vegan Activists

Waterton Police were called to a local goattery in the early hours of this morning after a group claiming to be from the Waterton Vegan League turned up unannounced and attempted to re-home several goats. 

Jumping the fence just after 3.30am, the group initially chained themselves to several billy goats and attempted to settle in for the night. The goats were having none of it though, and the Waterton Chronicle suspects that the protesters grossly misunderstood the nature of your average goat. 

After several scuffles, the group were forced to free their hostages. 

In what appears to be a desperate attempt to escape the invaders, a number of the more competent climbers among the herd managed to scale a nearby tree. 

Having not selected a tree climbing expert for this particular illegal operation, the group was forced to call one in from a neighbouring town. While they waited for the professional pest to turn up the police arrived and rounded up the gaggle of humanities students and dropped them back to their parents. 

When asked for comment Waterton Police Senior Sergeant Warren Battersby added with a chuckle “Unfortunately for the young ones, the goats put up quite a fight, didn’t they”. 

Attempts are underway to coax the heroic goats down from their stronghold.