Cat Shoots Disapproving Look At Owners

Things are a bit tense in a Waterton home this morning after a pet cat overheard it’s food providers talking about adopting a rescue puppy. 

Jazmin and her partner Andy were catching up with the latest episode of The Block over a few wines when Andy raised the idea of adopting a rescue dog after he saw something about it on Facebook. Unfortunately, Mr Wordsworth was nestled on the other couch apparently asleep, but with one ear keenly pricked up in readiness for just this sort of scenario. 

“I reckon another pet would be a great idea babe” gushed Jazmin when Andy showed her a picture of the little bundle of joy on his phone. 

Mr Wordsworth, now with both ears pricked, but still pretending to be asleep, was absolutely seething. “What the fuck are they playing at? They need correcting” he thought to himself as he assessed what to do next. 

Not wanting to jeopardise his food supply, Mr Wordsworth knew his approach had to be subtle yet effective. On the other hand, he is a cat, and he was fairly pissed off so subtlety appears to have deserted him, 

As Sophia and Mikaere were once again getting smashed by the judges for filling up their Block apartment with useless “art pieces”, Mr Wordsworth jumped from his couch to their couch in a single bound and sat down. Doing his best impression of Church from Pet Sematary, he shot both of those ingrates the best “If you do this, bad things will happen” look, and added a few hisses and snarls just to really convey his position on the matter.. 

Thankfully, the food providers recognised their error and immediately gave up on the whole puppy thing.