Supreme Leader Progresses To Stage Three of UN Interview With Cunning Headscarf Strategy

Despite not really ever dealing with any of the real issues facing the average Kiwi, Prime Minister Ardern is feeling fantastically inclusive today after donning one of the hijabs that saw her immediately shot to worldwide stardom back in March. 

Having adopted the ostrich approach when asked about the Ihumatao debacle, with a complete refusal to grace them with her presence, and with both ostrich-sized eyes firmly focused on a job in the UN, Ardern happily turned up to a mosque to give a speech to Muslim women about freedom. 

In a clear display of just how free Muslim women are, she once again donned the hijab. 

After her speech about how inclusive and tolerant she is, the floor was opened up to questions from the audience.

“Why are we about to reach 0% interest rates? Why is petrol still above $2? What happened to KiwiBuild? And the whole “no one will be homeless this winter” thing?” asked an economics and politics student from Auckland University. 

In yet another display of just how free Muslim women are to speak, Ardern ordered that the questioner be removed from the venue. 

When approached and questioned about the incident, Supreme Leader Ardern said “She didn’t stay on topic. Nothing about guns or babies or Tokelau”.