Wallabies Launch Gofundme For All Blacks To Play With 14 Players At World Cup

As the dust continues to swirl and bluster around the All Blacks, and let’s face it, mens sport in general, Australian Rugby has emerged gracious as ever. 

Having chalked up their fourth win against the All Blacks in just nine years, the Wallabies camp is once again getting the occasional positive mention at water coolers and QANTAS ads in some very specifically targeted regions of Sydney. 

In what is likely a welcome respite from the recent forays into identity politics that continue to bubble and boil beneath the establishment like a Tongan volcano we all thought was extinct, there is a real belief among a couple of Australian sports journos that they might win the World Cup. 

Not content with resting on their laurels, and in a tactic reminiscent of Steve Bradbury’s effort at the Winter Olympics back when Australians knew what Rugby Union is, the ARU has today released a statement saying the playing group has settled on a gameplan to take into the upcoming World Cup campaign in the post-Folau era. 

“Oh yeah mate, we’ve got a fuckin winner of a strategy yeah” said Michael Cheika when this reporter asked him post-match. 

“What Hoops (Captain Michael Hooper) noticed is it’s a fair bit easier to beat the All Blacks when they’re only allowed 14 players and we get 15 yeah.” 

“So what we’ve done is we’ve set up a Gofundme page for donations so we can ‘convince’ those World Cup people that all we need to do to beat the All Blacks is  make them play with one less player every game.” 

The Waterton Chronicle understands that a second Gofundme page will be established to cover flights and accommodation for the twelve or so Wallabies supporters who were present at Optus Stadium in Perth on Saturday.