Prime Minister Ardern Gets Back To Her Working Class Roots With Vogue Photoshoot and $700 Woolly Jumper.

Fresh from doing her bit for climate change over the last few weeks with taxpayer funded trips to Melbourne, Samoa, and Tokelau, our Supreme Leader has once again got amongst the daily realities of her working class flock by starring in a photoshoot for Vogue magazine organised by perennial battler HRH The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. 

In yet another sign that she is definitely the most down-to-earth Prime Minister Winston Peters has ever put into power, Ardern has made the almost unbearable sacrifice of choosing not to give the RNZAF something to do for a few days. Instead, in what one supporter on Facebook described as “yet another beautiful showing of empathy and understanding towards the working class” she has chosen to carry out the photoshoot for upmarket fashion magazine Vogue via Skype. 

Not content with focusing on the real issues affecting her country, Ardern has really nailed the second stage of her United Nations job interview with an inspiring outfit choice for the shoot. 

In what she calls an “acknowledgement of how tough it is for our most vulnerable” Ardern chose a modest ensemble for her latest magazine appearance, including a $700 handmade merino woolly jumper, and a pair of earrings gifted to her by Premier Xi Jinping that she said were “by all accounts a little bit expensive”. 

The Waterton Chronicle sought comment from Ms Ardern and was told by her dad that she was “under the pump” apparently planning the next stage of her UN job interview after First Dad Clarke took longer than expected to return from his latest fishing trip. 

This reporter however did manage to corner Deputy PM Winston Peters as he was heading back to the airport. When asked for his thoughts on whether he thought he’d survive the full term of this government he tellingly threw his historically significant “NO” sign out the window of his Crown limousine.