Normal Mum-To-Be Cops World Of Abuse For Thinking About Giving Her Newborn Normal Name

All hell has broken loose on an expectant mothers Facebook group this afternoon after one member dared to suggest she might give her child a normal name. 

Sarah Murphy (31) added a comment to the inexplicably popular “Baby Names for New Age Mums” Facebook group this afternoon, letting everyone know that she and her husband Chris had chosen either Meghan or Harry as the name of their first-born, depending on the sex of the new arrival. 

As Sarah was about to learn, it turns out the group is full of absolute nutjobs masquerading as mature adults, many of which appear to have transitioned directly from World of Warcraft lobbies to childbirth. 

One reply to Sarah’s seemingly harmless post, from someone purporting to be called “Rain Storm”, suggested Sarah was “guaranteeing that person a boring and intolerable existence among the masses”. Rain Storm went on to say that Sarah needed to come up with something more self-indulgent and narcissistic. 

Rain Storm, an aspiring weather presenter, helpfully added a few suggestions, apparently actual names she has given her own children. 

In what seems like a concerted effort to set her children on a path directly to ridicule, pole dancing, and prostitution, Rain Storm explained to the group that her three daughters found themselves trying to make something of their existence with the names Corker, B’Lanna and Ibiza.

When Sarah replied saying both her and her husband thought Rain Storm’s name suggestions were beyond stupid, Rain Storm went on to accuse her of being a “raging conservative housewife” and for some reason “a slave to toxic patriarchal norms”.