Young Mum Cops It From Other Mums Because She Drives Hatchback Not SUV.

Ugly scenes unfolded at Waterton Primary School and later spilled onto the schools Facebook page today after several mothers took exception to one persons incredibly risky practice of driving a hatchback. 

The kerfuffle started when lifestyle blogger and freelance parenting auditor Tamzin Leichardt-Louis (32) spotted Sharon Thompson dropping off her two children this morning. 

According to witnesses, a group of four of five mothers were standing around directing very disapproving looks towards Sharon before leaving in their convoy of german SUVs. 

“I can’t believe that silly woman would think it’s completely fine to drive her little angels around in such a death trap, she said of Sharon’s 2016 Hyundai i30. “The last time I was even a passenger in something that wasn’t a Mercedes or a Porsche was before I met my husband. The little cherubs must be so frightened” she said on the Parents of Waterton Primary School Facebook page. 

Sharon told this reporter that she tried to explain on the Facebook page that her Hyundai has a five-star rating and is perfectly safe, but was informed that because Mrs Leichardt-Louis is a friend of the administrator of the page, her comments had been deleted.

The administrator of the page, who wished to remain anonymous, went on to say that Sharon “should take a good hard look at her life choices, and get a better husband”.