Yoga Instructor Becomes One With Forest, Gets Eaten By Mountain Lion

In what’s been described as a “tragic freak accident” by punters on a yoga enthusiasts facebook group, a woman has been devoured in the supposedly tranquil wilderness of California.

For some reason yoga enthusiast and Youtuber Lucy Skye-Diamonds decided on Tuesday night to wander into a particularly remote and frankly unsurvivable mountainous area by herself and carrying just some kale chips, a yoga mat and her iPhone 

According to her Instagram profile she was planning on “becoming one with the beautiful flora and fauna of the forest and reaching a state of pure zen”. It seems she was also planning on live streaming the experience to her 20,000 followers. 

Luckily for everyone involved, except Lucy, one of the specimens of “beautiful fauna” she was hoping to become one with, in the shape of a giant male mountain lion, seems to have come to say hello before she had a chance to hit record. 

The Waterton Chronicle understands several of Lucy’s followers had tried to warn her about her adventure beforehand, with one saying “maybe watch out for mountain lions”. 

Lucy responded by reassuring everyone that she was “an expert meditator and lover of animals” and that her plan should she encounter a mountain lion was to “communicate with the kitty on a spiritual level”. 

For some reason the local Park Ranger felt it necessary to warn the general public that attempting to communicate with ruthless hungry predators was likely to end badly.